October 8, 2012

Mommy Anger

Every mom will experience Mommy Anger to some degree, and yet, it's a topic rarely touched.

At Castro Valley MOPS tomorrow our speaker will be sharing with us about ways to manage Mommy Anger.  Teresa Drake used to be an angry mom, as she battled post-partum depression while raising two special needs boys.  After years of personal research, developing family solutions by trial and error and a decade of "focused living," Teresa now shares her experience and key strategies for managing anger with other moms enduring one of the toughest seasons of life: mothering young children.  Moms will come away with tools for managing their anger and simple ways to introduce anger management skills to their children.

"Teresa was so open about her own struggles with anger as a mom and offered great tips for managing it.  She made us laugh and she made us cry.  But most of all she made us realize that it's not unusual to struggle with anger as a mom and it is ok to talk about it.  Moms expressed their appreciation...and were motivated to incorporate some of Teresa's anger management tips into their daily lives." (Hanna Kecskes, MOPS Coordinator, Marin, CA)

For more information go to www.teresadrake.com.

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