September 14, 2011

BFBYKI – Best Friends Before You Know It

I can’t believe it! I just made a reservation to attend my…drum roll please, Thirty Fifth High School Reunion. Now before you gasp and think to yourself “wow, she’s old”, as if I graduated during the Great Depression, I want to challenge you to remember just how quickly time flies by. Trust me, if you blink a little too long your children will be all grown up and you’ll join me as I look in the mirror and wonder when it all happened. When did I become the older woman in the crowd?

But, I digress. Lets back up to the word “Reunion”. By definition a reunion is a gathering of people whose past includes a common interest. As I look back to my high school days I can recollect a number of common interests among my fellow students. Somehow education seemed secondary to relationships at this point in my life. It was all about friends and the boys we had terrible crushes on. It was about drama… not the kind on the stage, but the kind that can separate the BFF’s…forever. It was about popularity and insecurities, which were the winners and who the losers, as well as perceptions and reputations. Somehow in the mix of all that I did my homework, earned decent grades, graduated, and walked away from High School and 95% of the people life had revolved around.

So, with my reservation in place, I am about to reconnect with friends from the past. Hopefully we’re all a little wiser after 35 years of growing up. Hopefully our values have matured and past drama’s are long forgotten or at least forgiven and chalked up to teenaged hormones blended with a dose or two of stupidity.
While reconnecting and perhaps reestablishing friendships of the past might come of my high school reunion, the idea of it has done less to create in me a desire to reestablish old friendships. More so it has served to warm my heart to the friendships I have today and ignite in me a longing for new friendships for this era of my life. I’m thankful that my circle of friends is both, young and old and our interests while sometimes significantly common are also quite diverse.

This is the opportunity we have here at MOPS. Women of common interest (mothering and friendship at the top of the list), gathering to enjoy one another’s company, be encouraged, perhaps even challenged and, somewhere along the line develop friendships that can stand the test of time.

So welcome to MOPS all of my present and potential friends!! Here’s to the next few months of getting to know each other better and building a foundation to some lifelong treasured… BFBYKI – BEST FRIENDS BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!!

Leisa Tegner, Mentor Mom

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